REPARATION is an award-winning independent motion picture about a troubled Air Force veteran who finds clues to his lost memories in his daughter's art — while confronted by a stranger looking for answers of his own.

"The force and power of REPARATION is the seamlessness and masterful editing with which writer (in collaboration with playwright Steve Timm), producer, and director Kyle Ham has weaved together multiple themes and story lines all in the context of a riveting psychological thriller and all bound by the shared desire of its characters to fix something in their lives."


"Reparation seethes with suspense. It's an intensely gripping redemption tale."


"Marc Menchaca and Jon Huertas give the flick its sizzle."


Broadway World



"Expert direction, a detailed script and fine acting..."

"Huertas enhances his charming, magnetic presence with elements of menacing, stalking intensity..."

"Menchaca slowly peels back Bob’s persona like an onion..."



"A gripping drama"

"A briliant script..."

"Extremely well shot, and the acting was brilliant throughout..."

"It really was an outstanding film..."

BCB Radio (UK)

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